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Live, juicy Crawfish ... a Southern delicacy!
Live, juicy Crawfish ... a Southern delicacy!
(Photograph by the author)

Some folks call 'em crayfish, crawdads, or mudbugs, but here in Louisiana they are simply CRAWFISH, whether they are basin crawfish, spillway crawfish, or pond crawfish.

We've been catching crawfish all our life, and love the Louisiana and Gulf Coast tradition of a long, leisurely crawfish boil in spring! Our ancestors are all of Cajun or French descent, and our family roots are from the Bayou Lafourche area and nearby towns of Paincourtville, Napoleonville, Plattenville and Labadieville. We are a blend of Boudreaux, Fremin, Gautreaux, Thibodeaux, Prejean, and Bourg.

Crawfish are freshwater crustaceans. Louisiana has more than thirty different species of crawfish, but only two species are commercially important to the industry: the red swamp crawfish and the white river crawfish.

Crawfish are healthy food. They are an excellent source of high-quality protein, low in calories, fat and saturated fat, and a good source of vitamins.

2016 Crawfish Season & the Crawfish Outlook

Crawfish season varies from one year to the next, based on how cold (or mild) the weather was during the Gulf Coast winter. It also depends on the amount of rain, and the water levels in the swamps and bayous.

Generally, the crawfish season in Louisiana runs from mid-January through early-July for crawfish caught in the wild, with the peak months being March, April and May. Crawfish from farms are available over a longer period of the year.

Hot boiled crawfish ... enjoy them in Louisiana, or have crawfish shipped live to anywhere in the USA!
Hot, boiled Crawfish ... enjoy them in Louisiana, or have them shipped live nationwide to your home!
(Photograph by the author)

In some years, such as 2011, high water levels in the Mississippi River, Red River and Atchafalaya River impact the timing, and overall production, of the season.

2014 featured an extremely cold winter which affected crawfish harvests. The unseasonably cold weather drove the crawfish deep, and they stopped feeding and entering crawfish traps.

We boiled those tasty crustaceans several times in 2015. But now it's November of 2015, and the weather is starting to cool a bit ... and maybe time to get some frozen crawfish tails out of the freezer and make some crawfish gumbo while we watch football.

Now that we are past this year's peak we can begin looking forward to the 2016 crawfish season!

And we are already excited about the 2016 crawfish festivals in Breaux Bridge, Chalmette, Houston, Mobile, Pensacola, Lake Charles, Shreveport and all along the coast. But crawfish mania is spreading, and there are now crawfish festivals all over the country, from California to Illinois to New Jersey.

For current day-to-day crawfish inventories and delivery availability, we recommend you contact one or more crawfish suppliers like those listed on our "Buying Crawfish" web page.

The biggest single days for crawfish boils are always Super Bowl Sunday, Easter Sunday and Mother's Day. Actually any day is good for crawfish ... we've been known to have crawfish at Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Easter 2015 ... We Enjoyed Louisiana Seafood Gumbo!

For this year's Easter celebration, we prepared seafood gumbo using Louisiana shrimp and crabs, plus crawfish meat we've had in the freezer since last April. It was a huge hit, enjoying a great seafood meal in the warmth of spring!

All of the ingredients for a great Louisiana seafood gumbo at Easter!
All of the ingredients for a great Louisiana seafood gumbo at Easter 2015

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